Why You Should Choose 101investing Broker for Trading?

The financial market is these days thriving with a number of brokers. And it is not an easy task to be a trader or investor. Whether you are a trader or investor, you need a platform for trading. And that platform can only be provided by a broker. So, it is very important for you to choose the most apt and correct broker of the time. It is because a broker can only provide the best trading platform to its traders and investors where they can diversify their portfolio and do many other kinds of trading in different assets etc. Plus, your earning profit is completely in the hands of the broker and the educational materials which they provide. Also, the broker should be regulated under some authority. And one such legit broker is 101investing broker.

101investing Summary

As I have already mentioned that a legit broker is the one who will be regulated under some authority, so the 101investing broker is regulated in Cyprus. We will further look into the details as to how it is regulated and by what authority. Let’s take a brief look at its features. Some of its unique features are as follows –

  • In the forex market it providers the traders with more than 45 currency pairs.
  • On precious metals, indices and shares, cryptocurrencies, and commodities it offers more than 400 CFDs.
  • And when it comes to opening an account, it offers its customers with 4 unique account types.
  • For professional traders, it offers excellent leverage i.e. 1:500.
  • And it also provides an MT4 trading platform for all its traders and investors.

Rights of the Brokers& Concepts of Regularization

101investing brokers are strictly regulated by CySEC which is the Cyprus securities Exchange Commission authority. Plus, 101investing has been given special rights to work and operate fully in the EU (European Union). And this fact that it is regulated by CySEC is enough to show that the brokers are completely legit. And if that proof is not enough for you then you can research online about 101investing and you will also know that besides being regulated by CySEC it is also supported by Financial Conduct Authority and ASIC. There is also a regulatory requirement which is laid down by the CySEC in which the broker has to follow the wide concepts of regularization which are founded by the European Securities & Market Authority i.e. ESMA.

Rules by the Regulatory Authority

There are many such rules and regulations which the regulatory authorities have laid down and one such rule is that the broker is supposed to strictly keep the funds of the traders and investors in segregated accounts. It is because this method will protect the investors from having a negative balance and also from the creditors. Plus, another rule is that the brokers are supposed to report all the transactions of the trading to the authoritative body through external audits. Along with this, the brokers are also supposed to maintain a balance which should not be less than 730,000 EUR which be called as an operational fund. And with this, they will have to make all the payments to the traders and investors.

Compensation for Investors

This is simply not the end of the rules and regulations which the broker is supposed to follow. For the traders and investors, there is a special provision known as the Investors Compensation Fund. This is because incase the broker becomes insolvent, then you i.e. trader or investor will not suffer any loss and will be compensated to a tune of 20,000 EUR. The brokers are also operated by FXBFI. Plus, they also have a license which can be anytime checked on the internet.

Types of Account

You can put the cash only in a part of your investment portfolio and this is because the brokers offer leverage on all the CFDs and forex pairs. Trading with 101investing is very easy as you can start trading with 100 USD. They also offer a swap-free account and they have a special Islamic account for its Islamic traders. There are many different types of accounts that you can have with 101investing broker. You will first have to start with a silver account which you can login with just 100 USD. Then, you have other optional accounts like –

  • Gold Account
  • Platinum Account
  • Pro Exclusive Account

Leverages & Pips

For retail traders, the leverage that they offer is 1:30 and for professional traders, they offer very high leverage i.e. 1:500. The leverage which is offered for the retail traders is as per the requirement of the European Union. Now, there are spreads also which will begin at certain pips when you open the account. So, for a silver account, you have 2, 2 pips, for a premium account you will have 1, 3 pips. And there is also a platinum account in which the spread will start at 0, 7 pips. You will also get Meta Trader 4 with 101investing in which there is a web version and also for download. It has a free and wide library for trading tools and also market indicators.

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