Which car insurance should I buy for Maruti Suzuki Swift?

Buying a car is everyone’s fantasy. People tend to spend so much of time selecting the latest model, the best color and the snazziest of safety features for their car. But when it comes to buying a car insurance policy, the thought often remains unattended. Car insurance is very much essential for the cars running on the roads of India. Maruti Suzuki Swift being one of the most renowned cars needs the best car insurance. Bharti AXA provides the best insurance for any car owned.

What is car insurance?

Auto or motor insurance can also be referred as car insurance.  Car insurance is a form of security for the protection of the car from any unforeseen danger. Car insurance provides all needed protection against the losses incurred at any unfortunate instances. There are times of theft, accident or any misfortune that occurs while driving, which get covered under the car insurance. Car insurance acts as a confidence booster for a peaceful drive. In India it is illegal to drive without a car insurance and is mandatory by law to own a car insurance for a motor vehicle. Car insurance cover all damages that are man made or are caused due to natural calamities.

Which car insurance to be bought?

Protecting the car is as essential as to own one. It is very essential to know which car insurance best suits your car. There are mainly two sections under the car insurance available.

  1. Third-party cover.

This element is very much important while choosing a car insurance as it covers all the monetary losses incurred by the car that is insured for any damage, death or injury to the third party.

  1. Comprehensive Insurance Policy.

Comprehensive Insurance policy as the name sounds is a complete insurance policy that covers both the third part cover as well as any damage or loss caused to the insured car.

Maruti Suzuki Swift being one of the best cars needs the best protection in the form of car insurance.There are certain points to be considered while purchasing a car insurance that can do justice to our pockets. The best fit car insurance is the one that provides with all possible protection to the car.

  • An ideal car insurance that covers not just the damages caused to loss or damage due to natural calamities but also man-made calamities.
  • An ideal car insurance should also have the personal accident cover.
  • An ideal car insurance should also be the one that covers the third-party legal liability.

Bharti AXA provides owners of Maruti Suzuki Swift with the best car insurance policies with cashless claim settlement. Cashless claim settlement helps the insured gain access to garages where upfront payment for damages is not mandatory instead the insurer claims the settlement on the owner’s behalf. Bharti AXA has its own 24×7 claims assistant which makes the process even more smoother.

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