What Are The 3Rs Of The Government Of Canada For People Abroad?

The 3Rs are the precautions of the government of Canada for the Canadians who intend to travel abroad or live in other countries. The first R is to Read up, and the second R is to Register with the government and the third R is about Reaching the government aids while you are on travel or living in other countries. The government encourages the people of Canada to register as per the regulation before leaving Canada. The registration will help the government to track the person or persons abroad contact them in times of necessities and extend assistance in times of emergencies abroad as well as in the emergency situation in Canada. The government further encourages the people to contact its emergency watch and response centre in Ottawa for emergency and urgent help while abroad. Get in touch with Insuranceunicorn.com for all legal health travel related assistance when you intend to travel or stay in other countries. Find a few health-related precautions below which can help you before or during your international trips.

Go for a pre-travel health assessment before six weeks of your travel. While going for the pre-travel assessment of health, take the copy of your immunization record that has the details of your history of the vaccinations you have till now received. It is often useful to invest in the protection of your health. The cost of the pre-travel assessment and vaccination costs may not be accommodated under the provincial health plans. You should pay the fees for these specific services out of your travel budget.

In the cases of not feeling well before the travel, you should certainly consult a health care service provider and ask whether you should postpone the travel. By postponing the trip, you can prevent emergencies abroad as well as prevent spreading the disease. You should purchase the trip cancellation insurance while booking the trip for unforeseen situations.

Be vigilant and alert to the travel health notices of the government which alerts the citizens on the current and changing pattern or emerging diseases in the country of your destination or on a mass even which has the possibilities of affecting the travellers. Above all, you must avail your travel health insurance besides the government-sponsored territorial or provincial health plan. The provincial or territorial health plans may not cover the entire cost of out-of-country travel. Possibly, these government- aided health plans may support you partially. Sometimes, medical evacuation may cost you more than 50000 USD. Therefore, you should never avoid medical travel insurance to tackle unforeseen situations effectively.

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