Things You Should Know Before Signing Up On eToro

Online trading is a challenging field. There are things you should know and risks that can happen. The more you have an idea of the program, the fewer chances of you failing. Though eToro’s platform is easy and straightforward to use, there are numerous things that you need to consider to ensure that you have a smoother experience in online trading. Here are some of them:

Practice With A Virtual Account

After signing up with eToro, you will get virtual money worth $100,000 that you can experiment with. This free service can help you polish your trading skills before you take a chance using your own money. Take the opportunity to prepare yourself by making use of this money wisely and learn all of the various functions and trading tactics.

Copy Other Investors And Traders

According to an eToro review, this feature is possibly the most popular. It was launched in 2010, which makes eToro the leader when it comes to social trading. This feature allows users to follow and copy traders who are using the platform, which will automatically be duplicated in your profile in real-time. However, before you start copying, make sure that you are familiar with the trader for you to be able to trade responsibly.

Make Use Of The Exclusive Trading Tools

There are various assets that you can choose in eToro. One feature that is really helpful according to eToro reviews is the One Click Trading, which lets you set your preferred amount, leverage, take profit and stop loss, which you can apply to every trade in the said platform. It can also help you with your efficiency when you open future positions as you can set different trading parameters for other assets.


To avoid the eToro scam, the platform uses various risk management tools. Having an idea of what eToro can do can help you be more responsible when it comes to trading. Not only can it help you to hone your skills, but you can also gain knowledge from other traders. So, whether you are just starting your venture in trading or already have the experience, eToro can help you attain your trading and investing needs.

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