Indian online share trading platforms

Online share trading is all about buying and selling stocks through a trading platform. You need a robust trading platform to maximise your trading experience. Choose from among web-based platforms, desktop applications, and the more recent entrants, smartphone applications. 

  • Desktop platforms are fast performers. A trader has to download the application from the brokerage website and install it on their desktops. This is most suitable for intraday trading as there are special short-cut keys for carrying out daily trading tasks.
  • Web-based platforms can be accessed from the designated links on any common browser. One has to login to their accounts and start trading. The speed of these transactions may vary depending on your internet speed.
  • Mobile platforms are the trend of the moment. In India, most brokers have android-based apps available in the marketplace. One can download these apps and login with their credentials to start trading. Some agencies have iOS-compatible apps well.

Intraday trading for beginners should start via a platform suitable for the trader’s requirements. The platform used should be robust and quick. It should also be easy to navigate and user-friendly. Other qualities that set the different platforms apart are advanced charting systems, quick execution of orders, back-testing, and live trackers. 

Let us look at some of the leading online share trading platforms currently available in India.

Zerodha: It provides multiple trading platforms to suit various types of traders. Zerodha Kite offers both web and mobile platforms, as well as support for multiple Indian languages like Gujrati, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, and others, besides the regular English. Kite is light and powerful. It consumes very little bandwidth to provide extensive market insights, over 100 types of indicators, six charting types and backtracks and covers. It successfully serves up to five million requests a day.

IIFL: The India Info Line (IIFL) group offers the Trader Terminal platform for both desktops and mobiles. This is a world-class tool that offers advanced charts and analytics. The application gives you the freedom to trade in cash, mutual funds, IPOs, derivatives, currencies, and commodities all from a single screen. The easy-to-use design enhances performance speed. Real-time market and news updates add to its appeal. 

Sharekhan: Sharekhan’s Trade Tiger is an online high-speed trading platform. With Trade Tiger, you can customise your stock charts and stream market quotes at the micro-second level. All you need is a single platform to trade on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE), Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), and National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX). You benefit from an automated order alert system and heat maps.

Upstox: You can operate the Upstox Pro platform from your desktop or smartphone. The platform is intuitive and easy to use for traders. Upstox uses advanced socket technology to get real-time market quotes. You can set up different alerts using the various technical indicators and charting tools. You can also transfer money to 40 national banks from the mobile app.

ICICIdirect: The Trade Racer is one of the most prominent share trading platforms available in the Indian market. It provides live streaming quotes and research calls, an integrated fund transfer system, and the multiple watch list facility. Trade Racer empowers traders to identify market opportunities and transact accordingly.

Kotak Securities: Traders who use Kotak Securities can choose from a range of technology-backed trading platforms. The share market software KEAT Pro X provides you with complete control over your portfolio and enables real-time trading. You could also install their mobile trading application, Kotak Stock Trader. Both platforms allow you to live-stream market data, create watchlists, use charting tools, and access research reports while trading.

Last but not least

Online share trading becomes simpler when you open an account with a reliable brokerage firm like Kotak Securities that offers multiple trading platforms. This will enable you to gain access to a host of trading platforms and services. Good trading platforms can guide you to the best financial outcome on the stock market with our expert translators and interpreters