They say budgeting can drastically change your life for good!

Well, I wholeheartedly second this cliché saying because you can actually budget to crack the code to contentment and prosperity.

Budgeting usually evokes visuals of tight seat belts with some hardcore stacking on coupons. This kind of financial planning seems really noisome because frankly saying none of us fancy the old school ways of budgeting.

Therefore, to alleviate the conventional ways to budget, My Easyfi expense tracking app has come up with a facilitated and simplified budgeting approach, which is completely hassle-free and 10x more effective than the manual budget building.

Yes, you heard it right! Now you can track your expenses and manage finances at your own convenience. This fresh approach of budgeting is not about spending less but spending savvy!

Integrating some real-time strategies to our budgets not only proves to be great for our wallets but is also a foolproof way to hack happiness.

Now let’s parade through the upsides of budgeting that are considered to change our life for good.


Monitoring expenses demonstrates a clear visualization of where each penny is devoted. When you have precise picturing of your finances, you are more likely to re-craft the budget if it lacks any major necessity, which turns more accessible with expense tracking software. This way, you stay heedful of your expenses, which allows you to make necessary adjustments in your budget to ensure your financial fitness is up to scratch.


‘A minor leak can sink a great ship.’

This proverbial saying sums up the concept of budgeting. A thorough budget is the prerequisites of identifying and addressing wasteful spending. It exposes splurging and major money leaks, which consequently lets you curb your finances your way. Hence when extravagant spending patterns are spotted, you can conveniently take precautionary actions by incorporating an expensing tracking software to speed up your route to financial freedom.


Budgeting promotes happiness as you no longer have to anticipate your financial health or make rough guesses to predict what your financial future would look like. Having an entire month’s budget keeps you posted on your financial health. Thus when you budget, you tend to allocate money for every expense, which staves off the possibilities of monetary chaos. Therefore, as you stay mindful regarding your expenses and have money devoted to each expense, you tend to decrease the chances of ending up in a financial hangover.


Having a budget for the entire month not only saves you from a chaotic situation but also spares you some extra money to help you reach your future goals without sinking in the bog of indebtedness. Since each of your expenses and spending are thoroughly tracked, you are more likely to save the remaining balance to paves your way towards the accomplishment of major goals. All it calls for is sticking to the plan to get your financial situation and future goals aligned. A budget also brings those unmanageable saving plans to life, which seems like a dream when you first start to budget. However, when you grow into a well-versed budgeter, saving turns into a priority.