Get Specific Ideas about Argyle’s Pink Diamond

Do invest in natural colored diamonds are not so worthy decision. Natural color means, what we called “White Diamonds”. Alan Bronstein, the president of the Natural Color Diamond Association has claimed this statement. According to him, white diamonds are not so appealing investment options. Fancy colored diamonds are the best option for investing.

While we will go onward with our today’s moral: why pink diamond investments are most commendable, you will learn some amazing facts about the pink diamonds and its only source, i.e.-Argyle mines.

Argyle mines are producing 8 million carats rough diamonds per year. Among these 8 million carats of rough diamonds, only 5% will be with good gem quality. Say for example, out of these 400,000 carats gem quality, there are 80% of Argyle’s diamonds are brown, 16% of them are yellow, and 2% of them are white and the same as of grey colored diamonds. Only 1% of them are pink diamonds. This means only 4,000 carats are pink diamonds. In spite of the low production volume of pink and red diamonds, the Argyle mine is the main dependable source on the planet, delivering 90 to 95% of all pink and red diamonds.

Why invest in Pink Diamonds?

At its simplest, they last forever, do not decrease in value and need little, if any, upholding or recurring costs other than, maybe, insurance. There are different resources you can appreciate, similar to a holiday house or condo in Paris; they may likewise acknowledge yet the continuous operating expense and observation can be prevalent. Diamonds are wear and set, requiring just rare cleaning and inspection of claws. On the other hand, they need to have safe storage. We’re yet to go over an investment that requires so little exertion and association. Over the past years, it has given almost 50% returns, while for the last 10 years it is estimated as 450% of the returns from investing in Argyle’s pink diamonds.

Not only are they gorgeous, but their high admiration, tiny production supply, and infrequency make them an extremely exceptional investment opening. Eventually, the Argyle Pink Diamond will go on to appreciate in worth and turn out to be harder to source so now is the ideal time to endow in these striking diamonds.

Above all the scarcity and gracefulness of these pink diamonds, it is also a notable thing that the Argyle mine will remain closed in the year 2010, which means next year. After that, there will be very fewer options to get pink diamonds in the market. Because, Argyle’s mine is the only source of rarest pink diamonds, which is the world’s largest pink diamond ore. There are the other diamond ores, but these are not supplying fancy pink colored diamonds as of now. Even, from Argyle’s mines we have found Fancy Vivid Red Colored Diamonds which are found once in 40 years, means also a rare gemstone.

So, with these facts, it is clear to the investors that pink diamonds are the best investment avenues in the present world. And, it is the right time to invest in Argyle’s pink diamonds. Moreover, to get a good return on investment in the coming years, you need to invest in pink diamonds now.

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