Calling the Liberty Auto Protection Phone Number Can Teach Consumers the Differences in Auto Plans

Why do drivers need Auto protection? Manufacturers offer time-limited warranties, maybe for one or two years. It’s common that during the first three years, the car will not experience any breakdown; therefore, the warrant will be in vain.

However, with auto protection, it’s guaranteed lifetime protection. It saves a lot of money since repair bills are always high. Here are the reasons why drivers are going for auto protection more than manufacturing warranties.

Engine coverage plan

The auto protection plan involves engine coverage. Engines are prone to damage and breakdown, which most of the time is not covered in the manufacturer warranties. The engine is the most critical component for every vehicle; thus, an auto protection plan will be highly effective.

Car owners feel relieved and relaxed, knowing their vehicle’s most important part is covered. Repairing engine without auto protection is expensive. Auto protection plans include engines at affordable prices, and the owner is assured that when the car breaks down at any part of the world, they will receive protection.

Moreover, the engine auto protection cover entails other lubricated parts. Drivers drive stress free, not worrying about the repair costs. This policy works well when dealing with an old vehicle.

Powertrain Coverage plan

This auto protection cover deals with specific vehicle parts high prone to wear and tear. The manufacturer’s warranty expires soon, leaving the driver stranded what to do next and experiencing high repair and vehicle maintenance costs.

Auto protection cover for specific components covers the drive axles and other vehicle parts. This plan is not time-limited; it’s affordable and accessible throughout the vehicle lifespan. Drivers enjoy driving the vehicle without worrying about high costs on repair even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Unlike the manufacturer’s warranty, auto protection plan companies strive to service vehicles for a long time at affordable costs and ensure it remains as new and operational as possible.

Enhanced coverage plan

The auto protection plan overcomes the manufacturer’s warranty through the provision of the improved coverage plan. Besides covering internal engine lubricated parts, this cover involves air conditioning, electrical components, and drive axles.

Owning a vehicle is beneficial to the owner in terms of freedom and independence. However, vehicles require maintenance and repairs, which is stressful and costly. Many car owners opt for the long term servicing plan, which helps minimize stress.

Highly accessible services

The manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover accidents only deals with operational parts. However, the auto protection plan involves full-time car servicing; therefore, most drivers opt for this serving plan. After a breakdown, a driver should contact the cover company for high standard services.

Auto protection plan companies are more concerned with offering the best services to enhance the relationship with the clients to make referrals to others. The hired technicians are highly experienced, providing the best vehicle serving.

Many reliable companies

Most manufacturers do not offer a warranty; therefore, a vehicle owner is forced to find the best auto protection plan company. There is a long list of reliable long term servicing companies across the world. 

Top car warranty companies include;

  • Endurance- dealing with high mileage vehicles
  • Carchex- provides best deals for warranty plan options
  • Autopom- it’s the best for quoting process
  • Liberty Bell auto-protect- provides the most comprehensive list of service plans at affordable costs. Liberty Auto protection phone number is +1 732-807-5611. The contact line is active all hours for any question or when a driver needs vehicle servicing.

The auto protection plan covers the vehicle in all angles, from the most crucial component to other small parts. Car owners can now sleep peacefully without worrying about high repair costs. Auto protection plan companies are always devoted to offering the best services at all hours throughout the lifespan of the vehicle.


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